Your freelance copywriter for English and German in Berlin

If you are looking for a freelance copywriter and art director who understand your creative challenges with transcreation on international accounts - look no further! Let us help you with your campaigns, headlines, copies, slogans, taglines, ideas, apps, websites and presentations in English and German. 

Gigaset Print ads


Gigaset.Me Website

For a short case description of the website project (in German), pleas click here.




Gigaset me commercial

For a short description of this project (in German) please go to the "digital projects" section of our website. 

Brand Story for TD Berlin


Pedigree Dentastix ads

Pedigree Schmackos ads

Creative Credits
Gigaset: With Christian Anhut, Michael Häussler, Ilja Schmuschkowitsch, Pascal Hoffmann, Nikolaus Stemmer and Marius Lohmann for BBDO Berlin
TD Berlin: With Markus Wacker for TD Berlin
Pedigree: With Leila El-Kayem, Markus Ewertz, Jamie Mandelbaum and Emiliano Trierveiler for TBWA Berlin
Croove: With Julian Weinmann and Rober Fritze for Boston Consulting Digital Ventures (BCGDV)

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